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Realizing a plan abroad isn't easy. Even just figuring out what steps you need to go through, can take up days of research and head aches. Have you figured out everything you need to know? Great! But what service providers can help you out? And are you really looking forward to deal with the paperwork yourself? Don't waste your time! helps you to go through every step and saves you both time and money! Start using our tool for free!

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By applying a 360° approach, helps you to keep an oversight of your planning. Besides a free and transparent way to arrange your expatriation or purchase abroad, our tool offers:

Open Source Information

We'll provide you with all the information you need to make your planning a success!

Reduced Paperwork

Don't waste too much time on paperwork! We help you to keep the pile of paper under control.

Keep control

You are in control of your planning! Keep oversight of tasks, messages and services.

Expert help, one click away

Not sure about a specific problem? Our experts are just one click away!

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Stop using your mailbox as a to do list! Why waste any more time on service providers that do not respond your phone calls or spend too much time figuring out what you need.

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We will ask you to give us some basics about your planning. Based on that info, we will load a dashboard that is personalized towards your situation.

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Go through the steps and topics shown on your dashboard an to do list at your own pace. You can login at any time to continue your planning! Deadline approaching? We''ll notify you, just in case.

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