Our mission

Our international team works on a world where Expatriation can be arranged in just a few clicks. While relocation agencies might already provide a good answer to the problems that people face when expatriating, we believe that the modern day expat or borderless citizen wants to be in control of their own relocation. With Plannr.eu we give back control to the expat, allowing him or her to choose what parts they want to arrange themselves and for what parts they prefer a professional to handle things.

Anyone with plans to move abroad, can count on Plannr.eu for a free and personalized planning from A-to-Z. From requesting a bank account, insurances, administrative support or language lessons to the smaller practical matters like tax declarations or finding the perfect school. Plannr.eu provides an answer for all these challenges.


We don’t believe in putting up walls. If anything: we want to tear walls down! We love sharing and we love collaborating with others!

Expats first

We love our partners! But everything we do, is done with the expat in mind. We will never engage in partnerships where the expat does not come first.


Relocation is complex. Therefore, we believe that closely working together with experts, HR, governments and communities is the only way to provide a qualitative 360° solution!


Pieter Moeremans
Co-Founder & CEO

Being an “American born in the body of a Belgian guy”, Pieter has always felt the urge to look beyond the borders of his own country.

Jelle Butzen
Co-Founder & CTO

Found a bug in our application? Jelle is your guy!

Gilberto Sierra Tovar
Customer Success Manager

Being an Expat in Antwerp himself, Gilberto understands the pains and problems of expats like no other. His mission: making your process of expatriation as pain free as possible!

Dion Wade
Partner Relations

Plannr.eu would be nothing without its network of partners. Dion makes sure that all expat’s needs are covered by our network!

Julie Linders
Customer Success Manager

It is very imported to have all the information when you are moving. Julie is the one who makes sure everything is objective and correct! 

Artem Yakuschenko
Fullstack Developer

What would Plannr.eu be without someone who makes the bugs in the code? Just kidding, he is the one who makes the platform work!

Daria Blank
Sales and Marketing Intern

Since Daria is an Expat herself, she definitely understands the struggles you are going through. She will use every piece of information to help you out. 

Anastasiya Lahodzich
Sales and Marketing Intern

Always a new idea in mind, Anastasiya will not hesitate to try out things and use her creative approach at plannr.eu. She takes care of the Russian market as well. 

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