Plannr.eu for Governments

Reducing workload

Unprepared expatriations only end up in frustrations and extra work for government employees. Don’t let your admin staff waste too much time on solving trivial problems that could have been prevented. On top of better preparing expats, Plannr.eu can also help smoothen the process and automate part of the expatriation processes. Let us help you to lower the burden of your staff! 

Single Digital Gateway

In 2018 Europe voted for the Single Digital Gateway. Plannr.eu provides governments with a solution that helps them with the following challenges this poses:

  • Compliance with the SDG regulation
  • Centralizing information and processes
  • User friendliness and ease of use
  • One tool, flexible enough to facilitate all processes

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Attract international talent

The war for talent is on! How attractive is your country for high potential internationals? With Plannr.eu you can attract the right talent for your job market. Let us help you to improve the “expat experience” for high potentials!

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