Plannr.eu for HR

Don’t just give a budget

Attracting international talent is great! But unfortunately, it often comes with a burden for the HR staff or the recruitment company. Plannr.eu can help to lower the burden!

An increasing amount of companies is deciding to let their new employee deal with the expatriation themselves. All too often, this just leaves the incoming employee to his or her own devices. With Plannr.eu you can rest assured that they are getting all the help they need to make their expatriation a success!

Giving employees the freedom they deserve

Every expat story is different. By that being said, not every expat needs the same services for their relocation process. With the Plannr tool we give your employees a personalized experience, with a tool that accompanies your employee step by step through their moving process. Your employees will both have the freedom to make their own choices, while also having the support they need when they feel lost.

Single Point of Contact

When an expat moves abroad, they obviously have a lot of questions that usually are redirected to the HR department or employer. Plannr.eu can offer a solution that can act as the single point of contact, allowing you to manage the relocation process in a more cost- and time efficient way. Start the conversation about this with our sales team through the form below!

Transition towards DIY

Still need some of the services you are familiar with? Plannr.eu helps you to make the transition towards a DIY relocation approach and offers solutions that include some of the services you got so used to while working with a classical relocation agency. Talk to our sales team to discuss on how your department can gradually make the switch!

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