Plannr.eu for HR

Vendor Management done right

Manageing all relocation service providers on one platform with Plannr.eu, allows you to have a better overview of all costs and services. You can easily compare performance and pricing of different providers. Whenever you are no longer satisfied with a certain provider or whenever you need a service that your current providers cannot deliver, you can send requests to the Plannr.eu Marketplace and receive multiple proposals. Additionally, our VMS helps you to:

  •  Increase transparency
  •  Reduce costs by 15% to 21%
  •  Increase flexibility
  •  Give back full control

Since Plannr.eu is a vendor neutral solution, switching providers has a minimal impact on your operations. Instead of implementing and working with different tools for different providers, you can easily change providers within your own tool and setup!

Compatible with all relocation policies

Attracting international talent is great! But unfortunately, it often comes with a burden for the HR staff or the recruitment company. Plannr.eu can help to lower the burden!

When it comes to different types of relocation policies, Plannr.eu supports them all! Whether your employees can enjoy a ‘classical’ fully managed relocation package, have to arrange everything on their own in a lump sum policy or can enjoy any type of policy in between, our setup can facilitate them all. This also means that switching between policies can be implemented easily. Plannr adjusts to your changing needs!

One stop shop & Expense tracking

Every expat story is different. By that being said, not every expat needs the same services for their relocation process. With the Plannr tool we give your employees a personalized experience, with a tool that accompanies your employee step by step through their moving process. Plannr.eu can facilitate the entire process from A-to-Z and can act as a one-stop-shop for your expats and impats.

Depending on your company’s needs, Plannr.eu can also facilitate the reimbursement and tracking of expenses. Especially when your employees can rely on HR or preferred suppliers for certain services, while they need to contact an external providers for other services, we can help to keep the oversight and consistency.

Single Point of Contact

When an expat moves abroad, they obviously have a lot of questions that usually are redirected to the HR department or employer. Plannr.eu offers a complementary solution that can act as the single point of contact, allowing you to manage the relocation process in a more cost- and time efficient way. If you already have a preferred supplier that fulfills this role successfully, Plannr.eu acts as their dashboard.

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