Plannr.eu for Schools & Universities

Helping students prepare

Plannr.eu can help your international students to better prepare for their arrival in your country. Going from getting the necessary background information about the local culture and habits, paperwork to connecting with fellow international students.

We offer a solution that is both free in use and accustomed to the student’s (and parent’s) specific needs. This way, they are fully prepared by the time they arrive at your school, giving peace of mind for both the international department and the student.

Customized for your institution

To make the experience complete, Plannr.eu offers the possibility to customize our platform to have a better fit with the brand and image of your institution. We can define custom user flows, add school-specific information and create branded landing pages to make the welcoming experience complete.

Exposure to internationals

Within the Plannr.eu platform, a multitude of different channels with ambitious internationals are linked. The expats within those communities variate from young students to digital nomads to families with kids across the world. Being linked to our platform as a educational institution can result in exposure to international channels you normally wouldn’t have.

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