Expat in Antwerp? What is there to do?!

When expats move to Belgium, they usually tend to move to Brussels. Mainly since it is the capital of Belgium, as well as that of the European Union. Antwerp is a rising expat city that just now is becoming more and more popular in Europe. The city is very diverse and has a lot of traits which makes it so appealing.

History & Architecture

If you’re a someone who loves history and historical buildings, Antwerp is the right place for you. Antwerp’s historic city part is almost completely traffic-free, just perfect if you’re looking to roam around and spot all the different historical buildings the city has to offer. The most popular historical places to visit are the Grote Markt, the Meir, the Groenplaats, etc. What makes these places so appealing is that they aren’t filled with tourists, you’ll find locals as well.


As mentioned above, Antwerp is a very diverse city. Antwerp is both a touristic place, but also a lot of different ethnicities inhabit the city. After Brussels, Antwerp is the second most diverse city in Belgium.

The main language is Dutch, but most people are bi- or multilingual (English / French).


Antwerp is a city that lives, you will always find the locals biking around, eating lunch or having a drink on a terrace, shopping around the city, etc. There are multiple different ways to be active within Antwerp’s social life.

If you’re a person that likes to stay fit, there are multiple different sports clubs you can enroll in. There are also multiple different running groups that weekly organize group runs in which a lot of people participate.

If you’re more of a person that enjoys the historical scene, there are plenty of places to visit. Antwerp is known for its beautiful cathedral and town square. Besides that, there are also old ruins that you’re able to visit. There are lots of amazing museums filled with art of old Antwerp artists, such as Rubens for example.

For people who like shopping, Antwerp is the place to be. Antwerp is known for its fashion designers, like Dries Van Noten, Raf Simmons and many more. There is also a big diversity in types of stores. It can variate from high fashion stores to little thrift shops where you can find the cheapest things.

In conclusion, Antwerp is a city with a variety of things to do. It’s a place where you can bring your family, or maybe just have a nice weekend trip with friends. The place is emerging and definitely not something to miss out on either. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t hesitate to visit Antwerp and enjoy the city!

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