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Planning to move to Belgium soon? With Plannr.eu you don’t need to stress about a thing! Just create a free account and we’ll walk you through the necessary steps. Find all information, to do’s and services in one place! Need an expert for a specific problem? Certified professionals are just a few clicks away!


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What can I find on Plannr.eu?

After registration, you will be redirected to a personalized dashboard. On this dashboard you will find all the steps you need to go through to realize your plans in Belgium. Not only will you get an overview of all information that you need to make your move to Belgium a success, we will help you go through each and every step!

To make sure that you are on the right track, every user of Plannr.eu can book a free consultation of 15 minutes to discuss the next steps. Additionally, a variety of experts can be consulted or booked directly through the application.

Why do I need a (free) account?

At Plannr.eu, you can expect a personalized experience. But off course, in order to personalize things, we’ll need to get to know you a little. That’s why we will ask you a few questions with regards to your situation during the onboarding process. At Plannr.eu we care about your privacy, so we handle your data with the utmost care, you can rest assured!

A real person, two clicks away

Even though you can perfectly arrange your entire move on your own by using Plannr.eu, sometimes you just come across things that are not your personal strengths. For every step you need to take, Plannr gives you the option to request the help from a certified professional. Within two clicks, you can get in touch with fiscal experts, banking partners, visa experts, realtors, lawyers and other relocation professionals.